Concorde – First To Last has been sponsored by ten members of the Bristol Aero Collection Trust, the charity behind the Aerospace Bristol museum, opened in October, 2017, within sight of the giant hangar where the supersonic airliner was built.

They include Sir George White, whose great grandfather founded the Bristol Aeroplane Company in 1910, creating an aviation industry that was to rival any elsewhere in the world.

Its products were to prove decisive in two World Wars and provide shining examples of innovation and expertise.

This film, the first and only complete history of Concorde, has been compiled from rare archive footage obtained from a variety of sources.

It is designed as a lasting tribute to the men and women of Bristol and the surrounding region, who designed and built the Western World’s first and only supersonic airliner and the pilots, who tested the prototypes and then flew her commercially.  

Special thanks are due to Andy Warren and Dave Rogers of 1st Take Films, whose painstaking work recording interviews with past Bristol aircraft industry employees - from the engineers and fitters to the test pilots and their backroom staff - has left us a permanent record of these pioneers, which otherwise would have been lost.