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British Airways Chief Concorde Pilot Mike Bannister:

First To Last is a love story for Concorde that draws together the whole history of this sensational and unique aircraft.

Julian Russell, son of Sir Archibald, Concorde’s Chief Designer:

This is an authentic account of the Concorde odyssey, told by the people who made it happen, recollecting their experiences with a pride and affection that is infectious.

Barrie Rogers, Kenilworth:

I have just finished watching the Concorde DVD and must congratulate you on a brilliantly informative production. 

As a life-long aviation 'nut' I have vivid memories of the total Concorde project from inception to retirement. The DVD brought back to me the heady days when those experimental aircraft pushed the boundaries to ensure the successful development and implementation of a supersonic passenger service. 

My thanks to you and your team for bringing the whole story to life so that so many of us can remember a remarkable and unique aircraft. As it says at the end of the DVD, there may be other supersonic aircraft in the future, but there will only ever be one Concorde. 

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