֍  The first complete film history of Concorde 

֍  Everything you ever wanted to know about the Western World’s first and only supersonic airliner 

֍  Historic flight footage

֍  Interviews with test and commercial pilots, designers and shopfloor workers 

This fascinating 150-minute film brings together rare archive footage from the first flights in France and the UK to the last flight on November 26, 2003.

Test pilots Godfrey Auty and Brian Trubshaw are seen pushing the limits of speed to far exceed the sound barrier and pave the way for an aircraft that shrank the globe and turned heads wherever she flew.

Behind the scenes in the Filton and Patchway factories, the designers of the airframe and the engine reveal their secrets and the shopfloor workers tell of their pride in helping to make this Anglo-French project a reality.

The first flights from Toulouse and Bristol in 1969 are shown as is the final flight on November 26, 2003, when Concorde Alpha Foxtrot returned to her birthplace at Filton.

British Airways Chief Pilot Les Brodie, who was at the controls, tells of his emotions as he made a farewell flypast over the North Somerset coast and the Clifton Suspension Bridge to land in front of a crowd of thousands.

Concorde Alpha Foxtrot was later to become the star attraction in the Aerospace Bristol museum.

There is also the chance to watch British Airways journey from Heathrow to New York on the flight deck of Concorde Alpha Foxtrot and 90 minutes of bonus extras, include Concorde Around The World, a continent-to-continent account of a never-to-be-repeated journey.

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